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JUMP'IN French Mouth Sweet Iron Bit + Toy

French Mouth Blue Steel Bit and Copper Elements


Composition: French mouth bit with 90 mm large rings and 13 mm thick cannons made of Blue Steel. The Blue Steel alloy of this Jump'In bit collection is 54% carbon and 46% manganese. Blue Steel oxidizes when in contact of air and humidity creating a thin layer of rust which has a sweet taste that will naturally stimulate the production of saliva. By salivating more, horses will take the bit more. With this oxidizing process, the bit color will turn into a greyish brown.

Effect: The bit has a direct action with no lever action and it prevents the roof of the mouth from any pressure thanks to the French Mouth characteristic.

Tips: The most controlling bit, it is the best help for directional problems. This alloy will oxidize with time and create a layer of rust that will stimulate the horse's relaxation while working. The copper elements and the copper rings on the central piece will also have a positive effect on the horse's relaxation.

Size: 135

Maintenance advice: Rinse the bit after each use to prevent any residue deposit and to avoid your horse to feel any discomfort.

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