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FIR-Tech Fly Mask - CATAGO EQ

Introducing the FIR-Tech Fly Mask by CATAGO EQ, combining therapy and fly protection for your horse in one innovative design. Crafted from a soft stretch fabric infused with ceramic clay, this mask reflects the horse's body heat to increase blood circulation and provide tension relief. It offers a natural calming effect, aiding in focus during activities. The fine mesh over the ears and eyes ensures protection from even the smallest flying insects.

**Key Features:**
- FIR-Tech fabric with woven ceramic fibers reflects body heat
- Promotes increased circulation, warming muscles, tendons, and joints
- Dual-function design: therapy and fly protection
- Soft stretch fabric for comfort and flexibility
- Fine mesh over ears and eyes for comprehensive insect protection

Experience the #1 therapy in Europe with the FIR-Tech Fly Mask, offering unparalleled comfort and therapeutic benefits while protecting your horse from bothersome insects. Ideal for enhancing focus and performance during activities while ensuring year-round comfort and well-being.

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